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Legislative Alert: LD 220 An Act to Ban the United Nations in Maine

The most important bill to be heard this century, Ld 220 will be heard in the statehouse in Augusta this coming Tuesday, the 5th of March. The title of the bill is: “An Act To Ban the United Nations Agenda 21 in Maine”. Yes, if this bill is passed, we the people of Maine can eradicate the United Nations hold and plans from all unconstitutional acts against private property rights that have been carried out by supporters of Agenda 21.


Unbeknown to the majority of the people in this state and the Nation, the United Nations has been controlling our lives trough our legislative halls in Augusta and Washington. These activities range from issues such as Education, Transportation, News media, Agriculture/food, Fishing, Private Property, Conservation and lastly town and city rules and regulations.


LD 220 is the last chance we will have to retrieve the same private property rights that our parents and grand parents enjoyed.


Most bills in Augusta are heard/voted during their working hours. People that wish to give support or testimony for or against legislative bills have to take the day off from work and travel at their own expense. As I previously said, this is the most important bill of the century, because it will not only expose the United Nations involvement in Maine, but it will stop the laws, rules and regulations that have destroyed Maine’s ability to provide a working wage for its people and eventually the bills created by the Government.


If passed, LD 220 will return the freedom and liberty that was intended by our founding fathers. Since the early nineties, the United Nations and its supporters in Maine have created a program of disinformation that sublimates sympathy and emotion, they over exaggerate and twist the truth by inappropriately using the environment, clean water, warm and fuzzy animals and beautiful birds and butterflies to persuade people to believe them. The…


Posted by Amy Hale on February 26, 2013 at 10:30am — 11 Comments


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